Small Business Learning Topics


How do you find and market to new clients & customers? The more client leads you get the more you can charge, and the pickier you can be with the projects you take. Here are our tips.

Writing & Blogging

A subset of marketing, writing and blogging has been a huge reason why our revenue has been strong and consistant. Here's how to get started.


A proposal is your final handover before a potential client says, "Yes," and gives you a stack of money. There are vital mistakes you could be making. Read our articles to learn what to avoid.


For a service-based business, getting a potential client to say "yes" is tough. How do you "sell" without being a "sell-out"? Read these tips to increase sales and revenue.


You made the sale and did the work, but the client hasn't paid. Now what? Here's what to do when a client is late or just won't pay.

Accounting Tips

Who likes accounting? Probably not you. Here are some simple articles to help you understand accounting from a business owner's perspective.


When do you need to hire? Where do you find the potential candidates? How do you interview them? Here's what we've learned.

Creating A Business

The first year of business is full of emotion. Your business is childlike, stumbling and tripping over itself. These articles are full of reminders and tips from our experiences.

Bootstrapping Software

Running a bootstrapped company is really hard, especially when you compete with funded startups. Here's what we've learned since 2007.


Being a professional photographer is more than just taking good pictures. Dive into a deeper look at the business side of photography.

Small Business Banks

Choosing a bank account and credit card company to work with your small business is tough.