Make Your Bookkeeper Resume Better

How to write a bookkeeper resume to land an awesome job.

Writing Tips for Bookkeeper Resumes

Writing an effective resume is about framing your "story" in its best light. It's about speaking clearly to your potential employers, showing them you're the best bookkeeper for the job. Do not lie or embellish your resume. Just put your best foot forward.

There are services that help write your resume and other services that will create an eye-catching design for your resume. So you have no excuse not to get that next job opportunity.

Read on to make sure your bookkeeper resume is the most effective it can be.

Common Resume Mistakes

  • The resume isn't catered to the bookkeeping job.
  • The bookkeeper's resume is too long, wasting the employer's time.
  • Listing old jobs that don't apply to the job outline.
  • Not showing industry/job terminology understanding.
  • Simple typos and bad grammar.
  • Lying in your resume. They'll find out and you'll look like a jerk.

Bookkeeper Resume Examples

It seems silly but you must remember to have your updated contact information on your bookkeeping resume.
The objective portion of your bookkeeping resume is 2-3 sentences about why you're applying.
The educational area of your resume will list any certifications you have obtained, including any licenses and related courses you've taken. Be sure to list if you've taken the bookkeeping course for LessAccounting.
Hopefully your past experiences are helpful to list in your resume. Think how your previous job and task history are relevant to this particular bookkeeping job.
Skills is a tough area to get right on your resume. Think about qualities your employer wants. Do they need you to know certain types of software? What skills must you have to be the perfect candidate? List skills you've mastered here.
References should be people with credibility that can speak freely about your past experiences. Former employers, professors, business associates and clients are great people to add. Be sure they know you're listing them on your resume so they're not surprised if they get a call or email about you.
Resume for Sarah Branch
Sarah Branch
1772 West 33rd Street
Panama City, Florida 32405
Cell: 510-207-3333


Obtain a position at ABC Company. This bookkeeping job will allow me to maximize my organizational skills, quality assurance and bookkeeping training.


Over the course of my bookkeeping career I have taken many bookkeeping courses

  • Certified Partner: Oct. 2013
  • Sleeter Group: Web Expo Attendee Oct. 2012
  • Gulf Coast State College: AA Degree, May 2009
  • Bay High School: Class of 2001

Relevant Experience

My experiences in the past 10 years range from being an executive assistant to being a bookkeeping controller of a large shoe store franchise in California.

Fat Shoes of California, LLC. Lead Bookkeeping Controller

  • Managed 20 bookkeepers.
  • 4 straight years of monthly goals met.
  • Introduced new bookkeeping workflows and practices.
  • Reduced collection times.

Thomas, Klein & Smitherman Executive Assistant

  • Performed many daily administrative tasks.
  • Booked travel, prepped for client meetings & organized office schedules.
  • Excelled in client onboarding and relationships.
  • Increased office productivity and revenue.


Patience, problem solving and creativity are my greatest assets. I cannot think of a situation that I've been throw into that I haven't been able to think on my feet and help develop and actionable plan of attack. I've master many of the basic computer programs other candiates will list here are well.


Kevin Thomas, es. (Past Employer)

  • Office: 555-221-1231
  • Email:

Faye Staney (Former Professor)

  • Office: 595-281-9231
  • Email:

Earl Crawford, Jr. (Past Employer)

  • Cell: 771-661-9229


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